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Benefits and Features

  • Case Features

    • reusable
    • built in audible voice guidance
    • keeps all light out
    • slots for vials to be filled with users choice of antihistamine (select cases)
    • can be carried in sleeve on user

  • Case Benefits

    • will help drive down cost of syringes
    • cases can be personalized for users
    • keeps all light out for drug longevity
    • can be refilled one at a time *pending FDA approval
    • user can carry device easily and discreetly everywhere
    • case can be a comprehensive allergy kit

  • Syringe Benefits

    • retractable syringe helps with secondary needle pricks
    • Intuitive design to prevent misuse
    • clear visual usage
    • drive down cost
    • smaller footprint then current market providers
    • easier to control drug delivery
    • sturdy, non jabbing activation design

  • Syringe Features

    • Pre-filled with drug
    • retractable needle
    • safety pull pin
    • airtight activated seal on inside drug vial
    • self contained drug vial
    • puncture tip for one time drug use
    • one time push plunger
    • single removable protective cap
    • visual cue to drug use


When purchasing the perks, will I need a prescription?

While you don't need a prescription for the perk. Once final approval from the FDA is given, you will need a prescription in order to fulfill the coupon.

Can I get one and gift it?

Certainly! If there is anything we can do, it should be to help and support others.

Is this FDA Approved?

No. We still need to go through all our requirements with the FDA. The campaign gives vouchers or coupons for the perks to be redeemed once approval has been given by the FDA

The Minijul PFS epinephrine pen

The Minijul PFS epinephrine pen

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